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My art collection is inspired by interlacing culture, tradition and colour.

Spanning a background in media techniques, I am able to utilise my creative skills to harness the diversity and life-long passion of colour, textiles, stone (including granite and marble) and wood to streamline each component to produce art that is intriguingly exceptional.

My profession has spanned designing international marketing media material for some of the world’s most renowned hotels and corporate banks. This has given me a realm of experience to see how colour interlaces and perceives not only to the human eye but to how it sinks onto different formats (eg matt, silk, uncoated, gloss, leather etc).

I therefore decided to transfer my skillset from computer based design and apply it to producing wall based bespoke art, applying the same creative techniques that I previously used to produce my marketing media material in order to produce eye catching artwork with an emphasis on clean lines and contrasting bold colours.